The North Brabant Cup is a two-day international football tournament at the South of Holland. We hope to get teams from Belgium, Germany England, France, Denmark and Holland.

This tournament is for all teams

Its Ideally that all the Matches are at one place so you can come with more teams and you know before you are coming where you will be playeing both tournament days  ! ! !

U9 teams born in 2012
U10 teams born in 2011
U11 teams born in 2010
U12 teams born in 2009
U13 teams born in 2008
U14 teams born in 2007
U15 teams born in 2006

U9 – U10 – U11 (7 v 7)
U12 (8 v 8)
U13 – U14 – U15 (11 v 11)
All games will be 1 x 25 minutes

At least 6 matches You play half days therefore you can also do his nice trips to Rotterdam / stadium tour at Feyenoord / AJAX / PSV or swimming at Duinrell is possible, because you play in day parts, you have the possibility to organize this, outside the tournament at.

All players get a medal

On Sunday, 8 teams in each age group, split into Gold Cup (winners groups) Silver Cup (1st losers groups) Bronze Cup (2nd losers groups) so that each team can win a nice cup.

Best Player
Best Goal Keeper
Fair Play Cup

Side activities
Panna 3 at 1

KNVB referees.


Friday, May 21, 2021
19:30 Opening ceremony

Saturday, May 22, 2021
8:30 am matches according to tournament schedule.

Sunday, May 23, 2021
8:30 am matches according to tournament schedule.

Tournament schedule will appear on this website 3 weeks before the tournament in the competition App.

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