Who is acceptable to subscribe?

1 Just an adult Person from the relevant Club/Team or touroperator (who handles for team/club)
2.After having made a subscription via Website You have to pay the amount before the date on the invoice.
3 After having payed the amount, is this a Confirmation of Participation to the North Brabant Cup 2021.
4.Registration fees and accomodationcosts are not refundable.

Insurance /Rules
1.The Participants must be insured
2.The Organisation  North Brabant Cup (Dutch Soccer Tournaments) and the host-Clubs, are not responsible for Theft, Damage, Accidents, Injuries, Lost of, and other Calamities. Also not for the complete or partial Cancellation of the Tournament due to extreme Weatherconditions.
3.In the case of Hospital- or Medical Treatment, the relevant Person has to show his/her Insurance data on the Spot.
4.All Participants are required to have a Liability Insurance. This covers the Liability of the insured Person for Damage caused (both material and physical damage) to third Parties and their Property. Condition is, that there is no foul play. You are legally liable for the Damage caused by you. But it is important, that you know that this also applies to Damage caused by your children or your pets, and so on.

Guidance of the teams
1.Participating teams must serve during the Tournament an adult (18 years or older) as a Team Leader.
2.This Person must be announced as such on the Scoresheet. He is responsible for the Behavior of his/her players during the Matches and in and round the Accommodations and also (if applicable) on the accommodation of the North Brabant Cup associated Clubs.

Dispensation Players
1.Pro team there can only be used 3 Dispensationplayers.
2.Each Group comes in Sportswear to the venue.

The Changingrooms will only be used for to shower.
3.Each team play Minimum 6 Matches
4.The Tournament Organisation reserves the right to make Adjustments to the Format of the Tournament Schedule or the Amount of Matches or times (for instance: at Cancellation from one Team or Teams).

During the North Brabant Cup, matches and other events will be documented and photographed in the form of both still and moving images. You are hereby made aware that you, through your participation in the tournament, may be photographed or filmed in various contexts.  North Brabant Cup may use these images in their communication and marketing. Through your participation in the  North Brabant Cup , you hereby accept that the  North Brabant Cup/ Dutch Soccer Tournaments may use images of you in their marketing and Names of the club and Pictures in Advertising.

The organization / Dutch Soccer Tournaments is in no way responsible for financial damage that may have been caused by war, strikes, roadblocks, other actions by the (local) authorities, and / or violent actions by persons, as a result of which the tournament cannot take place,  all teams go to next year or to a other tournament at the same country that year or next year.